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Learn More About Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Drug Dangers

Exposure to Cytotoxic Chemicals cause cancer, birth defects, and miscarriages.

The science has long been settled on the dangers of exposure to these chemicals.

For decades OSHA regulations have been in place to protect workers that come into contact with cytotoxic chemicals, including manufacturing, transportation, compounding, administration, and facility cleaning staff.

Chemotherapy outpatients, however, are not given the information and equipment they need to protect their family members, caregivers, and our environment.

A Surprisingly Safe and Simple Solution

Our patented products and processes quickly neutralize active cytotoxic chemicals in chemotherapy patients waste, rendering it non-toxic. We help reduce exposure for caregivers, family members, and healthcare workers, as well as help keep these dangerous chemicals from entering our drinking water supplies.

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Please feel free to contact Pharma-Cycle founder and CEO Jim Mullowney with inquiries.

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